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Harbor Bulletins
2014 Notice to Mooring Permit Holders


As per Town of Tisbury Mooring Regulations Section 19;
All mooring tackle shall be safe and suitable for the purposes used and it shall be the responsibility of the owner or person in charge of same to ensure that said tackle is safe and suitable.  The owners or persons in charge, whether or not the permit holders, are required to have their tackle inspected, by a Harbormaster-approved inspector, at least once every three years, and the top chain pennant, and hardware are to be inspected annually. A complete inspection must be performed prior to any reassignment. An inspection report must be filed with the Harbormaster’s office within 14 days of any inspection.  Failure to comply with this paragraph may result in immediate revocation of the mooring location permit and removal by the Harbormaster, at the expense of the owner of the tackle or any vessel on such mooring…”

Outer harbor moorings MAY be inspected by a diver.

Elastic moorings MUST be inspected by a diver annually.

Following are the current Harbormaster approved mooring inspectors.
Name                                                           Telephone Number
Raymond Gale                                                508-693-6864
Martha’s Vineyard Marina                        508-693-4174
Martha’s Vineyard Shipyard                      508-693-0400
Heidi Raihofer (diver)                                    508-627-4210

If You Won’t Be Using Your Mooring
Notify the Harbormaster by April 1st

Mooring Regulation Section 13; The mooring location permit holder is required to notify the Harbormaster by April 1st of each year if the vessel-of-record will not be on the mooring during that year, whereupon the mooring will then be treated as the Town's mooring. The Harbormaster may then offer that mooring to the name on the top of the Rental Mooring Waiting List as a temporary mooring for the remainder, or any portion, of that year only.”
You are only required to use your mooring for 30 consecutive days in any 3-year period. We recognize that there will be years you do not use your mooring. We need to know by April 1st if you will not use your mooring so we may lease it to someone on the waiting list. Our intent is to serve as many people as possible.
You may not rent your mooring yourself!

If you have questions please contact your approved mooring inspector, the Harbormaster’s office at 508-696-4249 or the Harbormaster’s web site at

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